Tortilla Flat BYCSH | 2119 22nd St, SF, CA 94107

This is our new old house. Its name is Tortilla Flat But You Can't Stay Here (or Tortilla Flat BYCSH for short). If that makes no sense, I recommend you pick up a box of Shiraz from Trader Joe's and the John Steinbeck novel. (But really - visitors are welcome to stay with us anytime construction chaos is not underway - for less than 30 days...) Our hope is to restore its facade to its pre-1900 state of wild west semi-glory; that is, a plain shack on a hill. The rear of the house is dry-rotted and has an amazing view of city and forest, so we'd like to add lots of steel-framed windows and doors, much industrial, for the ultimate mullet house.
It's technically located in Potrero Hill but we have relabeled the mini-'hood POTRERO HOLE as a de-gentrification catalyst (realtors love that, right?).

pix as we go...

in totally random order and sometimes upside-down

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